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This is ME

      I am and always have been a total animal lover.

I've owned and raised animals of all kinds ...  

Just to name a few ~ horses, Ponies, pigs, dogs of ALL kinds, cats, rabbits, fish, parakeet, ferret, skunks, hamsters, goats, a mini donkey, a Mini Pony, deer fawns, chickens, etc. .  

       Life to me would be lonely without any animals. I've NEVER in my life been without animals, not even for a short time ~ I always had a pet around to care for and spend time with. I love my animals as my companions, NOT as breeding stock, or for butcher, etc. I breed my mastiffs, and pygmies, but it's done with alot of planning and consideration. . . they're not labelled OR treated as "breeding stock" to me . . . I spend lots of time with them and give them lots of attention, and when puppies/kids are born ~ they're handled with LOTS of TLC. Our animals are treated with lots of love and care, and they get alot of attention from us.

We live in the country - on 160 acres of wood / farm land. Our animals are also handled by children, and socialized with other animals. We don't raise "field goats", the goats that we keep here, or breed here are family companions, pets. I love my animals, and they're all treated with lots of TLC !

Currently the animals we have on our farm include :

Goats, English Mastiffs, a Boston Terrier,       

Barn Cats, a Mini Pony,

Chickens & soon Alpacas !

Below are just a few pictures of me growing up with animals ~ to this current day.

Enjoy my photo book by clicking on the thumbnail below. . .

View this photo book created
                           at One True Media
A view of my life with animals

Some scenes around our farm...

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And thou shalt have goats milk enough for thy food, for the food of thy household,
and for the maintenance for thy maidens. 
KJV ~ Proverbs 27:27

We're Located in Southern Pennsylvania


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